Timetable of Our Tours

Time Table autumn-winter 2015-2016 (till 29/04/16)

ATTANTION! The tour starts from our first bus stop which is situated on Rustaveli ave. 52.
This is near Rustaveli metro station and McDonald’s. There you can see a big corner building with the tower and the steeple. On the starecases of that building the souveniers and paintings are being sold.
So, in front of that sraircase there is the sign of our bus stop with the photo of a big red bus and a black minibus.
Please, come to that sign 7-10 minutes prior to the departure time.


IMPORTANT! In autumn, winter and early spring seasons the tours are held only after the reservation of seats. It is preferable to make the booking a few days before the tour or miminum 2 hours before the excursion.
The bus doesn’t go to the route if there are no reservations.
You can book the seats by phone +995595170502 or by e-mail info@hoponhopoff.ge .


If you booked the seats and later your plans changed, please cancell your reservation beforehand as soon as possible so that we won’t deny the tour to others who wish to go or that we don’t send the guide, minibus and the driver in vain. Thank you for understandng

There will be 1 tour per day starting at 10.50 from Rustaveli ave, 52

Time Table 26/04/16 – 26/10/16


Bus Station Tour  1
Tour  2
Tour   3
1 RUSTAVELI ave. 52 (Tower house) 10:50 13:35 16:50
2 FREEDOM sq. 11:00 13:00 17:00
3 MARJANISHVILI sq. 11:20 17:20
4 BARATASHVILI st. 11:30 (stop 35 min.) 17:30 (stop  35 min.)
5 TSMINDA SAMEBA cathedral 12:15 (stop 35 min.) 18:15 (stop  35 min.)
6 EUROPE sq. 13:15 (stop  20 min.) 19:00 (stop  20 min.)
7 JVARI 14:00 (stop  40 min.) 14:00 (stop 40 min.)
8 MTSKHETA 15:00 (stop  1 hour) 15:00 (stop 1 hour)












Our tours:

Tour 1. Tbilisi-Mtskheta-Jvari: Start 10-50 from RUSTAVELI ave. 52 – till 16-50

Tour 2. Tbilisi-Mtskheta-Jvari: Start 13-00 from Freedom sq. and 13-35 from RUSTAVELI ave. 52 – till 19-00

Tour 3. Tbilisi: Start 16-50 from RUSTAVELI ave. 52 – till 19-00



The Time Table is approximate. It can be modified in accordance with the traffic situation in Tbilisi.
You can contact us by phone +995595170502.

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